Review: Kingdom Hearts Avatar Trading Arts Minis

Kingdom Hearts merchandise tends to be on the pricier side of most video game collectibles, so I’m always on the look out for deals. For example, in my previous post, I reviewed my Riku Static Arts figure that set me back $50 for a small (but finely detailed) statue figurine. Fortunately this summer, Square Enix ran a sale during which I picked up several games (Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5, Kingdom Hearts 2.8) and a set of 4 Kingdom Hearts Avatar Trading Arts Mini figures to add to my collection for just under $25.

As far as I can tell, Trading Arts figures (especially the “mini” ones) are affordable entry points for figure collectors. Square Enix is quite a mass producer of these for their Final Fantasy series, as I discovered when generic “trading arts” Google searches mostly returned results for Final Fantasy Trading Arts figures. Another common theme of collecting Trading Arts is the idea of “blind” boxes or bundles of figures within a series, adding a gacha-like component to these collectibles. Of course, this means that buying individual collectible figures that usually come in blind boxes demands a premium price.

That said, these Kingdom Hearts Avatar Trading Arts minis are not a blind box and these four characters (Cloud, Sora, Riku, and Axel) are the only four that were released for the set. Given the characters represented in this set, it’s clear that Square Enix had a lot of influence in their selection to market to their Final Fantasy fans, since more obvious Kingdom Hearts inclusions would have been Kairi, Donald, or Goofy, just to name a few. Another note is that the style of these figures is specifically from the Kingdom Hearts mobile game, Kingdom Hearts χ, as can be seen by the faces on the characters. Each figure is attached to clear stands from holes on their feet, and the shoulders (arms can move) and neck (head can rotate) are the only points of articulation. I’ll go over each figure briefly below.


Cloud’s design in this Trading Arts mini figure is from his appearances before Kingdom Hearts II, which is similar to his appearance in Final Fantasy VII. He also has a flowing red cape that sways to the left and a metal claw on his left hand. Protruding from his back is one large demonic wing and in his right hand is his bandaged Buster Sword.


Likewise, Sora also sports his Kingdom Hearts I look. He wears his classic red jumpsuit with a black and white hoodie on the outside, although this figure doesn’t emphasize the red as much as his in-game proportions do. The crown pendant can be seen around his neck and you can even see the attempt at showing the “loose belt” at his waist, although it doesn’t really look that realistic. Lastly, Sora is holding the Kingdom Key, complete with the Mickey Mouse chain, as expected.


Given the last two figures, I thought the Riku Avatar Trading Arts mini figure was a little disappointing. Riku’s clothes are also from Kingdom Hearts I, but that’s really all we see. He wears his yellow-and-black tank top with black straps crisscrossing his chest, along with black gloves with matching black wristbands and dark blue suspender pants. I think they could have easily given him the Soul Eater and it would have fit the theme with the other figures.


Lastly, the Axel figure’s design is also as solid as Cloud and Sora’s. He’s wearing his Organization XIII robes, and the figure even shows his unique sleeves that pull tighter to his arms compared to the other Organization members’ clothes. His red spiky hair is exaggerated in full force and his face also shows the two distinctive marks under his eyes. Axel is dual-wielding his Chakrams and they look great on this small figure, especially since the arms can move for posing.

Overall, $25 for a set of Square Enix mini figures is definitely a steal, especially since it can be bought 1st party in a new box. Sure, you’re not going to get the amazingly detailed figures that Square Enix has released for their beloved Kingdom Hearts franchise, but these are “technically” more or less accurate to Kingdom Hearts χ, a mobile game, and also won’t set you back nearly $100 for a single figure. Check them out on Square Enix’s site if you’re interested.


  • Product size: W 1.5″x D 1.5″ x H 2.4″ each
  • Materials: ATBC-PVC figure, ABS plastic base
  • Price: $29.99 + shipping ($25 including shipping when I bought it)

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