Review: #847 D.Va Nendoroid

While I’m not an Overwatch player myself, I’m fairly familiar with the franchise as I’ve played many of Blizzard’s other games and think their content is generally top-notch. Also, my wife is an avid player on the PC servers, so when Best Buy had a sale on Overwatch Nendoroids a couple months ago, I knew I had to get her something to expand our figure collection to beyond just my interests.

Good Smile has not shied away from the Overwatch franchise, having produced nine Nendoroids for the acclaimed team-based FPS:

D.Va is one of my wife’s most played champions, and at under $40 (tax and shipping included) through the sale, it was a no brainer to add to our collection, especially given the quality and versatility of the figure!

The two-layer container allows for even more parts

After opening the box, it was quickly apparent to me that the D.Va Nendoroid had dethroned my previous Yukiko Amagi Nendoroid for how many parts came with a Nendoroid figure, by a long shot. The container had to be split into two levels to fit everything in the standard Good Smile Company box, and inside, there were:

  • 3 faces: neutral, winking, and happy
  • 5 right hands and 5 left hands that are interchangeable for over a dozen poses: holding chips, holding drink, phone selfie, peace sign, heart shape (two hands together), open, closed (for holding gun)
  • D.Va’s Light Gun
  • A miniature version of D.Va’s mech suit
  • Bubble gum “ring” attachment
  • A stand that attaches to the back
  • Attachment between the mech suit and stand
All of the parts opened up

Needless to say, all of these customizable parts allow for countless poses for our favorite mech pilot. In addition, I discovered a couple of neat designs while assembling D.Va. First off, the use of two separate hands to make a heart symbol is a nice touch. In other Nendoroids, I’ve seen similar poses be done with attached arms/hands, whereas this allows for more flexibility in posing (for example, the heart shape isn’t stuck in one place). Another cool item is the bubble gum that is attached discreetly via a clear ring around D.Va’s neck. When installed tightly, it’s very difficult to tell (unless you’re looking for it) how the bubble gum is attached. This allows for it to be paired with any of D.Va’s three facial expressions for different posing styles.

The most instructions I’ve seen for a Nendoroid

The D.Va Nendoroid has standard points of articulation for any Nendoroid, with legs, hips, arm connections, hands, and neck able to be moved/rotated. In addition, her hair also rotates (sways) back and forth to make attaching D.Va to the stand easier and for cool action shots. I had a little bit of trouble with the leg-to-hip connector for various poses, as the rotation range wasn’t as wide as I’d hoped it to be. Aside from that though, there were no other issues. Unfortunately, the mech suit is not articulated at all, so don’t expect to set up the suit in various combat poses. While the details on it were solid, the size of the suit also made it a little awkward to pose, since it either seems like D.Va’s toy, or you need to have a steep camera angle to pose it believably as a mech suit.

Overall, I thought the Good Smile D.Va Nendoroid was great value at under $40 and shows all of the characteristics that should be in a modern Nendoroid figure. I highly recommend it to Overwatch fans who are looking for an adorable figure to add to their collection! You can get an idea of how it’ll look in these photos below.








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