Review: Kingdom Hearts II Static Arts Riku Figure

Even though the Kingdom Hearts series was one of my favorites growing up, there are a couple of reasons that this is actually my first post about the series and also my first collectible from the franchise. First off, after the two spectacular main games in 2002 and 2005 when I was still in high school, it’s taken Square Enix over 13 years to finally release the next game that’s coming out in 2019. During that period, they’ve released 7-10 (depending on how you’re counting) side games on various consoles that I didn’t own, so it’s been hard to keep up with the series. Second, like most Square Enix merchandise, official Kingdom Hearts collectibles are expensive! I bought this Static Arts Riku figure in Japan and managed to save a few bucks plus shipping compared to ordering online, but even then, nearly $50 for a static figure is definitely on the high end.

Fortunately, I got back into the series with this purchase along with finally getting a PS4 Pro earlier this month. With all of the games bundled together in 1.5 + 2.5 Remix, I’m finally able to catch up on all of the games, starting with Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, which I’m finishing up this week and will write about in the future.

ARTNIA Cafe in Shinjuku, Tokyo

During my trip to Tokyo last month, we stopped by the ARTNIA Cafe in the Shinjuku area of the metropolis. Compared to the other cafe in the Akihabara area, ARTNIA was much quieter and more relaxing. The food was surprisingly good for a themed cafe; our strawberry and chocolate pancakes were delicious and Moogle-decorated. Inside the cafe, there is also a “shrine” area where you can request to buy any of the figures displayed there. I spotted the Riku figure and had no regrets with my purchase.


The figure is stored in a nice window box that has plenty of logos from both Square Enix and Disney to guarantee the authenticity of the figure along with why it cost so much (since two large franchises have to come together on one series). Inside the box, there was nothing except the figure: no manuals, no parts to attach, just the single figure in one piece.

The Static Arts Riku figure shows the character specifically from Kingdom Hearts II; one can tell by looking at his hairstyle and jacket. The figure is holding Riku’s keyblade, Way to the Dawn, in Riku’s usual casual pose. Its name and design reflect Riku’s nature as a being halfway between both light and darkness and that is clear in the colors of this replica as well. The keychain on the keyblade resembles the heartless logo, which makes sense given Riku’s dark past. At the bottom of the figure, there is a star next to Riku’s shadow, which conveniently doubles as a sturdy stand for the figure.

I was pretty impressed by the details on this figure. Riku’s signature blue hair was finely designed and had the volume I was used to from the games. His jacket, shirt, and jeans were filled with realistic creases and folds that you can see in the pictures below. Riku’s keyblade was extremely well made and the colors along with the matte finish were phenomenally made. Overall, I can tell that the designers of this figure were going for a slightly more realistic look, given that his pants weren’t as baggy nor his feet as huge compared to the look Riku had in Kingdom Hearts II.

The Kingdom Hearts II Static Arts Riku figure is, as one would expect, completely static. There are zero points of articulation; even the right arm, which has the space to move freely at the shoulder, is attached to Riku’s right pocket and doesn’t move. However, that doesn’t take away from the fine details of this Kingdom Hearts figure that make it a great collector’s item. I would recommend it to fans of the character and the series.


  • Product size: W 2.91″x D 2.91″ x H 5.6″
  • Materials: ATBC-PVC and ABS plastic
  • Price: 5,200 yen ($47.32 when I bought it), $49.99 + shipping online
  • Release date: December 2017

Here are some more photos of the Kingdom Hearts II Static Arts Riku figure for your enjoyment!







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