Review: Gyakuten Kenji 2 Miles Edgeworth 1/10 Figure

After my initial round of looking for Ace Attorney collectibles, I settled on a low-grade Loot Crate Ace Attorney Business Card Briefcase that was barely worth the $12 I paid for it. However, after finishing the masterpiece that is Gyakuten Kenji 2, I decided that I had to have more, even if it left a bigger hole in my wallet. I was debating between the Phoenix Wright figma and this figure, and I eventually chose the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Miles Edgeworth 1/10 figure because, you know, Team Edgeworth.

The Chief Prosecutor Reiji Mitsurugi in his box

Here are some specs on the figure:

  • Height: 18cm (1/10 scale, since Edgeworth is 178cm tall)
  • Materials: ABS plastic, ATBC-PVC plastic
  • Articulations: None
  • Release date: 2/3/11
  • Manufacturer: Capcom
  • Original price: ¥8,000 (~$90 at the time) as a part of a Japanese bundle with Gyakuten Kenji 2 for DS, a promotional video DVD, and a CD of Gyakuten Kenji 2 Orchestra Arrangement Collection (review here!)
Details on the back of the box

The box wasn’t the most sturdy, but I wasn’t too surprised since this figure was never meant to be sold on its own, but instead as a part of a bundled Gyakuten Kenji 2 collection. Regardless, the plastic inside the box was enough to keep the figure safe from the elements, even if the outside may get beat up from the shipping.

The only items in the box

The inside of the box contained nothing except the figure itself and the accompanying stand. There were no instructions or information booklets, but honestly, there was no need for either and I was ok with that.

A closer look at how the stand works

As you can see, the black stand has a checkered pattern, which gives it a nice touch that adds to the classiness of the Edgeworth figure. The only assembly you have to do — attaching the figure to the stand — is made foolproof by the different-sized attachments between the stand and Edgeworth’s feet. The hole is larger on his left foot, and placing him on the stand in this manner allows a more balanced angle for better visuals.


The default angle for the figure made by facing the stand straight on is definitely the best one. From this perspective, we get the best view of the creases in Edgeworth’s maroon suit that give the figure the realism that speaks to its polish as a high-quality figure.


The front facing view is a little less flattering, in my opinion, given the way the suit flaps outwards for seemingly no reason. Is there a breeze? Edgeworth is standing still so there’s really no reason for the bottom of his suit to look like that, especially the left side.


The opposite diagonal profile of the Miles Edgeworth figure looks just as nice as the first. You get a different view on the prosecutor’s face here; previously it looked more confident, whereas this angle looks more neutral.


Looking at the Edgeworth figure from behind really shows off the level of detail that Capcom put in when designing this figure. Look at those creases below Edgeworth’s butt! Those were intentionally put there to accentuate the fact that Miles is not just your typical skinny bishonen, Edgey’s got back.


A closer look at Edgeworth’s face in the above photo shows just how gigantic his cravat is in this figure, just like in the games. The ruffles are well designed as three distinct layers of plastic coming from the figure’s neck area. As for Miles’ face, while it’s smooth, it does not lack detail. His strong eyebrows are just like the game’s, and the wrinkle above his nose demonstrates his seriousness and passion as a prosecutor.


Lastly, Edgeworth’s shoes were actually really impressive. Look at the shine on those dress shoes, especially compared to the matte finish of the rest of the figure. It’s a nice contrast that again adds to the exceptional caliber of this collectible figure.

So how much did I spend on this beautiful representation of our favorite genius prosecutor? I got pretty lucky and found a steal on eBay for $78.99 on a day when eBay had a site-wide 15% off sale, for a final price of $67.14! For reference, the current prices range from $78-$99 for pre-owned and $120 is the lowest price for a brand new figure. If you’re in the market for one, definitely keep a look out on eBay for small-time sellers who may undercut the larger sellers’ prices. Also, eBay site-wide sales are your best friend! However, as always, be cautious about fakes, and if the deal sounds too good to be true or is shipped from anywhere else other than the U.S. or Japan, it’s might not be a good idea to pull the trigger.

All in all, I’m very happy with my purchase, especially given the price, and I hope to add more to my Ace Attorney collection in the figure. Maybe that Phoenix Wright figma will be next….

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