Review: #238 Yukiko Amagi Nendoroid

I’ve written a lot about Persona 4 on this blog, so it should be no surprise to anyone that I added a Nendoroid from the game to my collection. To be honest though, I was a little disappointed at the Persona 4 Nendoroid collection, as Good Smile only made two characters from the franchise:

Given that Yukiko was my character’s “primary” (there is no limit) girlfriend in the game, it was an easy choice between the two, although the Teddie Nendoroid is pretty unique since it contains both the bear outfit and Teddie’s human form inside.



From what I heard, Atlus used these two Nendoroids to help promote the Persona 4 anime after its release. They also released an Aigis Nendoroid a couple of years later for Persona 3 fans. For Persona 5, Good Smile has worked with Atlus to release a Morgana Nendoroid as well as Futaba and Joker Nendoroids coming soon.

All of the Nendoroid parts in the sealed box

The first thing I noticed about the Yukiko Nendoroid is that it comes with more interchangeable parts than any of my previous Nendoroids. There are:

  • 3 faces: smiling, neutral, and laughing
  • 5 right arms and 4 left arms that are interchangeable for more than 5 poses: holding fan, behind the back, in front, and more
  • Removable hands from arms for further customization
  • TV world glasses
  • Joke/Silly glasses
  • A second “front hair” part that contains glasses attachment holes
  • A stand: new version that attaches to the back

Whereas some other Nendoroids have “paired arms” that specifically work together to make one pose, I was impressed at how versatile Yukiko’s were. For example, I could have her right arm/hand point in front of her shyly while having a left arm attachment that is behind her torso. But then I could also use that same left arm attachment to hold another right arm to put both of her hands behind her back. In addition, the hands are interchangeable, so if I wanted a fist or an open hand instead of a pointing hand, I could easily do that.

The second front hair part is identical to the default part except it contains two tiny holes on the side that both sets of glasses can be firmly set into. I highly recommend attaching the glasses onto the hair part before attaching the hair part to the rest of the head, since it’s much more difficult to put on the glasses on the head itself.

All of the individual pieces that came with this Nendroid

The Yukiko Amagi Nendoroid has standard points of articulation for any Nendoroid, with legs, waist, arm connections, and neck able to be moved/rotated. I had no issues with any pieces being loose or flimsy and the figure was easy to pose once you had the right parts set up.

However, I will say that some of Yukiko’s parts are a little more complicated/difficult to assemble. For example, her stand attachment hole on her back is a smaller version, so there’s an extra part that attaches to the stand connector that very tightly fits into this hole. But because her hair is rather large in the back, I had to take note to insert the stand connector before attaching her hair part. Another example is how Yukiko’s hair comes beside her shoulders and how this affects some of the arm attachments. For the right arm holding the fan, I actually realized that I could move a part of the hair to be in front of the arm (see picture below) in order for the arm to be raised at her side. I believe the hair was designed this way intentionally, but it would have been nice to include these tips in the sparse manual that was included.

In terms of appearance though, Yukiko looks great! I did not notice any obvious lines between pieces and the paint and materials are very well designed. Please check out the photos below for some of the poses I was able to make!







In terms of price, I was able to find the Yukiko Amagi Nendoroid on eBay from a third party seller in Japan for $45 (after negotiating with “best offer”) and free shipping. She’s rather expensive, since her release was over five years ago (and Persona 4 is an older game), and it’s definitely possible to see the figure sell for upwards of $50 or even more. That said, the Teddie Nendoroid is even more expensive (nearly $60) since he’s a more complicated figure with two forms! In other words, if you’re a fan of the Persona series, definitely pre-order the Persona 5 Nendoroids when that pre-sale begins.

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