Review: Rabbit Engineering 3D Printed IBM 5100

This past Christmas, my wife got me (among other gifts) a unique model to add to my Steins;Gate collection. She knew how much I was obsessed with the world of Steins;Gate given all the posts I’ve written on it, and she even watched the anime with me (I watched it a second time, heh) to understand it better. From that, she deciphered the ins and outs of the story and thoughtfully found this 3D printed IBM 5100 model on Etsy for me.

It comes with a description of the original IBM 5100!

This model of IBM’s first personal computer measures about 3″ x 2″ x 1″, with a small cartridge that fits in the drive on the machine. The fact sheet (above) is also very informative, and while there are no references to Steins;Gate on it, the description on Etsy does mention that it’s “[a] great addition to your desk or studio – as featured on the anime Steins:Gate!”

A close up of the front of the model

The detail on this mini model is very impressive. The screen on the left of the machine contains terminal text, and each key on the keyboard has textured symbols printed on. Along the front of the machine, there are also various ports and switches. Judging from the picture on Wikipedia, this model is nearly a perfect replica of the original machine, with the exception of the number of keys on the model’s keyboard. In addition, the quarter-inch cartridge (QIC) magnetic tape model is a nice touch, although you’ll have to be careful not to lose it, since it does not fit tightly into the model machine’s drive. While in some places you can tell that the model is 3D printed from the clearly visible layer lines, this does not detract from the quality of the model.

If this mini IBM/IBN 5100 is something you want to add to your Steins;Gate collection, you can find it here on Etsy by Rabbit Engineering for $12.50 plus shipping! Here are some more photos I took of the model:

Mini tape cartridge for the machine
The underside of the IBM 5100
Kurisu guarding over the IBN 5100



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