Review: Funko Pop Vinyl Pop Games Thrall

As some of you readers may know from my previous post, I’m an avid Hearthstone player. However, I never got into World of Warcraft because I realized that the idea of an endless MMORPG wasn’t for me in middle school after I quit playing Runescape. That said, playing Hearthstone has made me more curious about the Warcraft lore and I’ve read bits and pieces here and there. But lore is not the reason I got this Thrall figure.

I hit legend in Hearthstone for the first time in January 2017 with Aggro Shaman (aka Thrall) with this decklist. Thrall is also the only golden hero I’ve earned in Hearthstone, which means I’ve won over 500 times with Shaman in Ranked in the game. Lastly, I’ve also eyed this figure a couple of times as a prize for a couple of tournaments I’ve won but I ended up choosing cozy Hearthstone pillows both times. So all of that led my good friend and Hearthstone partner in crime to get me the Thrall Funko Pop as a Christmas gift last year.


Given that this is my first Pop Vinyl figure from Funko, I didn’t have a lot to compare to in terms of quality. Like many Pop figures, this orc warchief’s shape is what some would call “chibi” or “super-deformed”, with an oversized head relative to his body. In his right hand, Thrall is holding the Doomhammer, a 5 mana 2/8 weapon with Windfury and Overload: (2). But in all seriousness, Doomhammer is a legendary hammer crafted in the lava pools of Draenor that was passed down to Thrall as a testament of his faith and honor to the orcs.

For its price point (see below), the Thrall Pop Vinyl figure definitely feels like a great value. At 4 ounces, it feels heavier than it initially looks, which speaks to its durability. The paint and decorations are very well done, even though Thrall’s armor and Doomhammer are fairly complex in nature. Of course, like most Funko Pop figures, the orc only has one articulated joint (his neck turns slightly), since he’s meant to be more of a collectible than an action figure.


As a collectible, Thrall is the 31st figure of the Pop Vinyl Pop Games line, which currently includes over 300 other Pops. Released first in 2014, it’s over three years old and has long since been vaulted, meaning it’s no longer in production. However, it was a relatively large release, which means that the price has not increased much since vaulting. It’s still relatively easy to buy it brand new from third party sellers on the internet, although one should be wary of fakes. This particular Thrall figure has a foot stamp code of “A359”; these stamps tend to be a consistent way to check for authentic Pop Vinyls.

Overall, the Thrall Funko Pop Vinyl Pop Games #31 figure is very well constructed and will definitely have a place on my collectibles shelf. At its price point, I highly recommend it to any Warcraft, Hearthstone, or 4 mana 7/7 fans out there. I’ve included some specs as well as more photos below.


Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.8 inches
Weight: 4 ounces
Material: PVC plastic
Price: $17.95 (Amazon as of 1/27/18), $8.00 (poppriceguide as of 1/27/18)






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