Review: Loot Crate Exclusive Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Business Card Briefcase

I’ve played the majority of the Ace Attorney games and I’ve really enjoyed them, especially the main trilogy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Even though there’s not a whole lot of gameplay and the plot is 100% linear, the storytelling and drama more than make up for it. So naturally, it was on my list of games for which I wanted to get a collectible. Instead of spending a ton of money on a Phoenix Wright figma (which to be fair, looks like it’s worth every dollar), I started small with the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Business Card Briefcase from Loot Crate.

I got this for $12, even though a Loot Crate only costs $25 and comes with a lot more.

Like the Vault Boy Bobblehead I reviewed previously, this Ace Attorney collectible is a Loot Crate “exclusive” that I bought separate from the Loot Crate. As you can see, Capcom’s logo is present on the box as a mark of authenticity. However, unlike the Vault Boy Bobblehead, the quality of this briefcase is far from ideal.

The strips are clearly loose and the closing mechanism is very flimsy.

When I opened the box, the “leather” strips along the edge of the briefcase were loose at the ends as because they were poorly glued on. The stitching on the edges is just for show and has nothing to do with how the strips are actually attached. In addition, the closing mechanism feels very low quality and in the three times I’ve opened and closed the case, I always felt like I was about to snap off the thin metallic prongs. It also seems like a lot of pressure is on the prongs when the case is closed, so I’m just going to keep it open to try not to break it.

The inside looks simple and clean. No complaints here.

The inside of the briefcase looks fine. Both sides have slots where you can place a card of some sort, and you can see my Costco card above for a size reference. The slots are made of faux leather (most likely) on top of a felt surface and feel solidly attached.

One thing confused me about this case though: How am I supposed to display it? If I open it to show the interior cardholder, then there is no semblance of anything related to Ace Attorney. If I close it to show off the Phoenix Wright logo, then not only do I risk wear to the flimsy metal prongs, but I also have no use for the card holder. Overall, I don’t really regret spending only $12 on this, but I would not recommend this to fans of Ace Attorney. It’d be better to save up to get that Phoenix Wright figma.

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