Review: Bespoke Post 2017 Black Box

Black Friday has come and gone, and most of us have hopefully received all of our unnecessary purchases by now. Just like in 2016, I took advantage of Bespoke Post’s Black Friday deal where they attach a mystery “Black Box” to any regular order. That’s the box I’ll be reviewing today.

Just a bit of background though: While I’m been a Bespoke Post member for over 4 years, I’ve only accepted their monthly $45 subscription box 5 times out of 50 (you can deny any order and pay $0 within the first few days of the month, and I’ve done that 90% of the time since I don’t get to pick what box I get each month). In addition to those 5 boxes though, I’ve ordered 3 self-selected boxes with some of their special offers over this time period. One of the boxes I accepted nearly four years ago was a box of 4 pairs of Etiquette Clothiers socks, which I loved, so this was the box I chose again this year for their Black Friday sale, except this time I got 6 pairs for the same $45 and a free Black Box!

Descriptions of all six items in the box

As you can see, there were six items in the 2017 Bespoke Post Black Box, which are listed in the picture above along with descriptions. I’ll briefly review each item below as well as put an estimate on the price (both my own in bold and retail in italics) in order to verify Bespoke Post’s claim that this box is also worth over $45.

Rugby Stripe Socks, Etiquette Clothiers

When I saw this in the Black Box, I thought, Nice! Now I have 7 new pairs of Etiquette Socks! As I mentioned above, these socks are great and come in stylish colors that fit in both formal or casual settings. In addition, the material is super soft and thin while being durable, all of which are qualities I find ideal in a pair of socks. I’d put this value at $7.50 since 6 pairs in the box I ordered cost $45. However, the lowest-priced socks on Etiquette’s site retail for $16.00 a pair, so mine is a conservative estimate.

$10 gift card + No. 18 Solid Brass Cufflinks, Ezra Arthur

First, let’s talk about this gift card. It’s almost completely worthless in my opinion. Bespoke Post boxes are all $45 unless you add add-ons, which I’ve never done since they all seem like a bad deal and defeat the purpose of the savings you’re getting by bundling items in a $45 box. So that said, you’d probably need to buy two boxes for $90 to get the $10.00 worth in savings. In my 4+ years of membership, I’ve never felt the need to buy two boxes, but maybe one could use it for buying gifts? I’m not sold and I put its value at $1.00. As you can see, I didn’t even bother blurring out the coupon code so if you want it, by all means.

The cufflinks seem nice. However, I rarely wear shirts with French cuffs since the extent of my formal wear every year is the weddings I attend (my work attire is casual with no business trips/meetings), so I probably won’t use these any time soon. I can’t find them on Ezra Arthur’s site, but I’ve seen them sold for up $10.00 on eBay, so that seems like a reasonable retail valuation. Personally, I’d put the value at $5.00 since brass is not a super expensive material and there’s not much that’s special about them.

Drifter Solid Cologne, ulio&jack + Elements Minerals+Sage Antiperspirant, Dove Men+Care

I had never heard of “solid” cologne before seeing the the Drifter by ulio&jack. I’m not a huge cologne guy to begin with but I like the idea of solid cologne since it’s much easier to control the quantity when it’s in a bar form. It also passes through TSA so that’s a plus! This sells for $24.00 on ulio&jack’s site, and while I would never buy this 0.5 oz bar at that price, I hope that the price is an indication of the quality. I’d spend maybe $10.00 on this since it actually does smell pretty nice and passed the wife test.

I’m a little disappointed that Bespoke Post sent a stick of brand name deodorant in its Black Box, since for me, part of the charm of Bespoke Post is the indie brands it finds in its boxes. It’s a Dove antiperspirant stick that smells good. There’s not much else to say about it and it sells for $3.00 online and that’s what I’d pay for it too.

The Spy Deck, Redacted Edition, Frausto & Co.

This was by far my favorite item in the Black Box. The Spy Deck is a deck of cards that has “spy facts” on every single one of the 54 (52 + Jokers) cards instead of the usual playing card art. The facts, which include maps, cipher codes, definitions, and more, definitely make the Spy Deck a lot more interesting than the usual Bicycle deck. The cards themselves are great quality too and are printed with an all-black back on 350GSM matte finish cardstock and feel very durable. The Spy Deck retails for $16.00 on Frausto & Co.’s website, and I’d put the value close to that at $12.00.

All in all, the retail value of the 2017 Bespoke Post Black Box is $79, which is pretty good, considering I got it as a free add-on to a $45 purchase. Even at my personal valuation of $38.50, it’s still not a bad deal. I’ll definitely keep looking out for Bespoke Post’s mystery boxes in the future and if you’re interested in their boxes, please use this link to sign up and I’ll get a referral bonus!

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